how to become csp insurance agent rap registration process hindi

rap registration process 

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how to become csp insurance agent rap registration process hindi

VLE to become a licensed RAP.
• Register for RAP through ,and click on VLE RAP registration.
• Pay fees of Rs 350/- towards Examination & Licensing using Registration number received.
• VLE gets Login ID & password for RAP training from Team Insurance, CSC SPV
• VLE to Complete Pre-licensing Education, online modules of examinations. Achievement Certificate shall be delivered after completion of online modules. Training calculation and modules can be accessed using Google Chrome Browser.
• After completing the modules and calculation VLE to appear for online examination that can be given from their center or home. VLE should have access to internet and web camera.

Profits of becoming a RAP
• Get free biometric device-morpho after passing the exam.
• Existing Insurance advice-givers can also become RAP without surrendering the license.
• Get prompt commission in wallet.
• Instant issuance of policy bond to customer.
• VLE will also get commission for printing policy bond.
• VLE’s can offer choice of insurance organizations to client as they will have access to many companies under one portal.
• VLE’s can sell both Life & General Insurance products.

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