sub ko creation सब ko कैसे creat करते है ?

sub ko creation सब ko कैसे creat करते है ?

Sub KO Configuration

This option allows the user to create a new SUB KO. To invoke this screen, click on “Sub KO Configuration” in “Options” sub menu
1. Enter the details of the SUB KO in the fields provided.
2. Click on “Add” to add the SUB KO.
The SUB KO will be created and an acknowledgement screen
will be displayed with the user id that is generated for the SUB
3. Click on “Capture FP” link on the SUB KO Configuration page
4. Select the user id of the SUB KO created using the search
5. Click on “Capture” to capture the finger print of the SUB KO. Now
a request will be sent to the corresponding BC for the approval
of this SUB KO.

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